Saturday, 11 September 2010

Planning my Visit to the USA

Three weeks left until I am officially unemployed and it is all becoming scarily real. It’s starting to sink in that I really am giving up my 8am-4:30pm existence and about to embark on a journey that is completely different from anything I have ever contemplated before. Fabulous yes, but also completely terrifying.

I am being slightly sensible for once by going over to the USA for the month of November as a kind of trial run for next year's travels. I have booked my flights into Washington DC at the end of next month and out of San Francisco a month after on the basis that once I knew where I was starting from and where I had to end up the rest could be an exercise of join the dots from east to west.

The current plan for my month in the USA is (drum roll please) ................... Fly in to Washington DC so I can start as I mean to go on by being a proper tourist before heading south to Charlottesville to visit my cousin and his wife who I have not seen in years and their son who I have never met. There son will be one by then and is so very cute in the photos I've seen. I cannot wait to meet him! From there is it a trip south to New Orleans via Nashville, Tennessee. It’s not so much the music that has me stopping by Nashville but it’s proximity to a certain town called Lynchburg. In case you don’t know Lynchburg is the home of Jack Daniel’s and well, it’s Jack, ‘nough said for now. From New Orleans I will somehow go west to Los Angeles where I hope to meet up with a friend who can show me all the best touristy places to go. From there I will travel up to San Francisco where I'll spend the final week of my holiday, hopefully managing to squeeze in a visit to a few Napa Valley wineries whilst I am there. Then it will be back to Scotland to sleep and put all my photo's on Facebook!

So that’s the plan for now. As you can probably tell it still needs some fine tuning (how do I get from place to place, where will I stay and what I’ll do once I’m there for instance) but it’s a start. It may change, it might not either way I shall keep you posted.