Thursday, 29 August 2013

Singapore: More than just shopping

Singapore day three and I once more I had no idea what to do. Having purchased a lens I couldn’t really afford the day before I wasn’t really in the mood to go shopping so what would I do? Well one thing I love to do is visit art galleries so maybe that would be the thing to do, or I had heard that Sentosa Island was worth a day trip not to mention taking the cable car to get there. In fact it turns out there is a lot more so Singapore than shopping, though should it ever become an Olympic sport I for one would not bet against them.

As it was a Saturday I figured the island would be busy place and it was the most expensive of my options so I quickly discounted it. Instead I settled on visiting the art museum. A new gallery is in the process of being built and I would dearly like to visit Sentosa so I shall have to return for another short visit one day. For this day though it was art and more photography.

The art museum was different again. It was small with varied exhibits that are probably classed as modern art yet had a more classical feel than what I usually associate with the label. I found myself appreciating the exhibits and paintings more than I usually would. Of course this feeling was possibly  helped by the number of photo opportunities they presented. I spent most of the afternoon there before heading to the Sands Resort. The Sands Resort is far too expensive for my backpacker budget but their infinity pool is the longest in the world (I think)  and very high up. Since the clever owners know that plebs cannot afford to stay they charge tourists to visit a cordoned off section known as the observation deck.

It was worth the money. I went up not long before sunset and got many photos before during and after. I didn’t check out the bar, instead once I had as many night photos as I thought could stand looking through later I returned to ground level to see the light show I had heard so much about. On my first night had seen the lasers from the resort and didn’t understand what the fuss was about; it was cool but nothing special. However from the observation deck I saw the real light show, I had been on the wrong side of the harbour before! Thankfully there are two showings every night so I managed to see the second from the right place this time. It was impressive. Three semi circular water fountains became shimmering screens which the different laser banks projected various images on to matching the music playing in the background. Since it was already dark after the nigh show I  set up my tripod and, with a little help from a fellow photographer, attempted a few night shots. Thanks to the tripod they actually turned out ok; yay for the tripod, a
worthwhile purchase even if it did turn out to be a rather expensive one!

It was late but I managed to get one of the last trains back to the hostel where since I was still hyped up from my photography session I finally uploaded the photos from my brothers wedding to Facebook, along with many many spelling/typing errors which my friends and family took great pleasure in commenting on. My advice is do not try write ‘witty’ comments on your photos when it’s late and you are still jetlagged. Still it was fun and a good end to yet another photography filled day.