Sunday, 1 June 2014

Happy Birthday Mum

So usually when I post what I write my subject matter is grief and Josh but I do write about other things, I just tend not to do it as well. Anyway it's my mum's birthday tomorrow and I just happen to think that she's an amazing person and I wanted to share some of what I feel with everyone. So it's a bit rough but this is what I've got so far. Happy birthday mum. (Hope you don't mind being my subject matter for a change!) Love you xxx

For Mum

You held my hand for many years,
And then you let me go.
You knew the time was right for me,
To stand up on my own.

You told me off and punished me,
Then you held me close.
You taught me right from wrong,
Then hoped I’d learnt it well.

You held me close for many years,
Then left me all alone.
When I clung you shook your head,
It was time for you to go.

You never let me see the pain,
How it hurt to walk away.
Only let me see the pride you felt
When the wings you gave me worked.

Your gave me my foundation,
You gave me wings to fly.
You gave me love forever.
You showed me what I could be.

I see your pain so clearly now.
I see the sacrifice you made.
The times you told me I’d done wrong,
The times you held your tongue.

You say its nature’s way
You say you had no choice.
But others see it differently,
And now I see it too.

A mother’s love is special.
Yours, it knows no bounds.
I'm thankful for it everyday,
So grateful that I'm yours.