Sunday, 4 September 2011

Checking In

Well it’s been a whole month since I last posted so I thought I should pop in and say hello. Really though there isn’t much to say though no doubt I shall use a lot of words saying it.  I am still working six days a week though my social life has more or less disappeared due to me catching a cold a few weeks ago which turned out to be a bit of a stubborn bugger. I am only now feeling more like my old self though I am glad to say I only lost my voice for a few days. I know that the folks back home will be gutted to hear they missed the chance of laughing at me as I tried and failed to speak in anything louder than a whisper for almost three days.

For me the last couple of months has really been about the people I’ve met rather than the things I’ve done which has made it rather hard to blog as I have a no gossiping about my friends policy which definitely extends to this blog. I can say I am still loving hanging out with my friends and still enjoying my ration of daily hugs at work. My room mate and I continue to stay on good terms despite occasionally working alongside one another as well as living in the same room and sharing a bathroom.

On a personal note I realised that as well as almost missing one friends wedding, actually missing another friend’s wedding not to mention a wedding anniversary and a few birthdays I also missed my own blogs birthday. I thought that I started blogging last August but it turns out that it was in July so I well and truly missed that boat. I cannot believe that I’ve been blogging about my random adventures and plans for over a year now!

I did write up a ‘proceedure’ of what I do every day as I am about to take three days off but I am fairly sure there is something in my contract somewhere which would mean I would get in trouble if I posted it, which is a shame because I was really tempted to edit it and post it here for your amusment. For anyone interested think of MacDonalds but more expensive with alcohol, better food and nicer surroundings and your more or less there as to what I’ve been doing over the last two months.

That’s my ramblings for now. I am off to Sydney tomorrow to meet up with one of my closest friends who is over with her partner for a holiday. Hopefully I shall be posting again sooner rather than later to tell you about all the fabulous things we managed to squeeze into two and a half days but until then, ttfn (as my mum would say).