Monday, 27 February 2012

My Thirties So Far

Far from being the cue for a meltdown as |I expected my thirtieth birthday instead seems to herald the start of a new chapter in my life. As I was pondering the way I blog not too long ago I have therefore decided to try something a bit different for this post.

My Thirties

Day 1

High: Going to Scitech with two small children who were very interested in playing and too young to care about any thing as boring as science and why things did what they did.
Low: Being stupid enough to leave my iTouch on a table in the cafe. Fortunately it was handed in so it wasn’t as lost to me as my camera.
Overall: The high and fact myiTouch was only misplaced and not lost meant it was a GOOD day. Win

Day 2

High: Had a nothing day spent relaxing sans iTouch.
Low: Had a nothing day spent relaxing sans iTouch.
Overall: I like being lazy so yet another GOOD day. Win.

Day 3

High: Going to Donnybrook with a friend to stay with her grandparents house with a lovely views and even more lovely grandparents in residence.
Low: Missing out on The Winter’s Tale due to being away.
Overall: The play would be on again and I had a great visit. Win.

Day 4

High: Spending a day cruising back north with my friend stopping in random villages including a stop for mini pancakes with fabulous company. (Also I got iTouch back!) 
Low: A day involving mini pancakes cannot have a low in it.
Overall: Hello?! Mini panckakes and excellent company. Double win.

Day 5

High: a) Went to see the Winter’s Tale with a friend. Had sushi twice in one day .
b) Went to a house warming with a friend and her friends and met random people
Low: Was too tired to meet more than a few people at the party and felt sleepy far too early. Also managed to spill my drink within 10 minutes of being there.
Overall: Culture, double sushi and great company = triple win but minus points for clumsiness and tiredness = overall win x2 (there was a lot of great company)

Day 6

High: Went with a friend for a birthday treat pedicure.
Low: Started to pack a box to send home and get ready for heading east for the last leg of my Aussie trip.
Overall: A win. I hgate packing but I’m happy it means I get to see so many of my friend in the next month.

Day 7

High: Finished packing and had a lovely meal with my host family. 
Low: Gave up on printer and wrote blog instead. 
Overall: double win. Hello? I write this and my bags were completely packed before midnight.

Week One Verdict: Life is still pretty darn good.

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