Friday, 2 January 2015


Back in 2013 and blog Lyn has finally arrived back in the UK but something is missing.....


I had been in Wellington only two months and not seen anything else of New Zealand but already it was time to leave. I had my hen's outfit which included new shoes, bright red lippy and nail polish to make up my 50's look. I checked out of the hotel and I was all set. 36 hours later and I was at Heathrow but my luggage, including my hen's outfit, the new shoes and bright red lippy and nail polish were still in Sydney. Apparently four hours wasn't long enough for the airline to transfer it. Oh well, at least they knew where it was. I arranged for it to be delivered straight to our accommodation the next day as though I would be spending the night with my friend in her new home outside of the city we were heading back in to London the very next morning.

Finally I made it out of the airport and had a joyous reunion with my friend who was understandably astonished at how little luggage I had then appalled at the reason why. Still we were together, she was getting married and I was on holiday,yay! Our first stop was a supermarket so I could get a UK sim for my phone and some snack food. We then had an impromptu visit to her soon-to-be-in-laws where we had a much welcome cup of tea and then went to view a car. Since we were students it has been a dream of my friend to own a Figaro and there was one in her in-laws village which seemed to be just what she was looking for. I must admit I hoped it would be the one as I loved the idea that I would have seen the car that fulfilled her long held ambition. On inspection it seemed to come close but being a cautious person my friend had to think it through first. 

Once again we were on our way and finally at 11pm we were at her new home. Despite having completely refurbished a London flat they had once again purchased a house that needed 'some' work. I must admit I was expecting worse, in reality it needed very little done compared to their last project and I was delighted that I was to be the first to sleep in their newly pained spare room.

It had been a long few days and I had loved every minute spent with my friend but the jet lag finally caught up with me. There was just time for a quick catch up with my friends soon to be husband and a tour of the rest of the house before I gratefully fell into bed and immediately to sleep.
A Figaro - to save you googling it :)

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