Tuesday, 3 March 2015

October 2013 - An Almost Normal Life

By the time October arrived I was firmly settled in to my anti-social hours. My days off were spent watching favourite films and sleeping. There was some excitement when we acquired a new roommate. She was a returning guest so was well known and it soon became clear that having her as a roommate would be a very good thing. In fact she ended up being one of my two roommates who convinced me to have a cheeky Friday night out which despite having to work the next day was definitely a good idea! A quiet life working and saving for the next adventure is all very well but it was good to get out for once and enjoy some of my hard earned money. October was also the month I discovered two for one steak at a local pub. It turns out that life in one place was beginning to have some unexpected advantages.

As well as the odd drink out I thought it might be a good idea to try give my brain a work out by taking up tutoring. I though final school year or first uni year physics or maths might be easy enough for me to remember and help out some struggling students. I put my name and details on a tutoring website and soon I had a few interested parents contacting me. I met up with a first year unit student who was struggling with calculus. I quickly realised I was out of my depth. At various times in my life tutoring has been suggested to me but I felt like I had been out of the brain look to long.  I did actually manage to help the student but I felt that the time and effort on my part would be too much on top of my increasingly heave work load at the cafe. So after two sessions I took my name off the site and decided to stick with what I had.

As the month came to an end work did manage to throw me a curve ball, they started making their Christmas mince pies. I had been struggling a bit with missing Josh and the thought of Christmas starting already threw me a bit but it did have one upside. It reminded me that I would need to get my Christmas shopping done early if I wanted to get it posted early enough to arrive in the UK in time for Christmas.

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