Monday, 20 August 2012

Time To Go

In my usual well planned and thought out manner the other week I decided it was time to move on and booked my flight to Broome. I had been undecided about how and where to go and eventually settled on flying to Broome as this was the cheapest way to get there and though my funds are healthy enough I want them to stay that way. As I am not guaranteed work when I get to Broome I thought it would be more sensible to go with what I have rather than using it to get there by bus and stopping at every town along the way. From many discussions with my local friends I have decided that May would be the perfect time to travel the west coast and have decided to fly back in to Perth next May and tour the coastal towns then. I thought I was bad with Sydney but I seem to be even worse with my boomeranging back to Perth. I am quite sure the family here will be most relived when I finally fly to New Zealand and they are safe from my random unplanned stays!

Usually I like to take the bus since this is the most environmentally friendly and usually cheaper way to travel but I am sorry to say that I could not bring myself to pay more to travel for a day and a half on a bus when the cheaper flight option will only take me a few hours.  To slave my conscience I of course ticked the carbon offset box but I’m not entirely convinced that it dies any good. Oh well, one can but try. Anyway soon I shall be there and then I can go back to trying to being as frugal and green as I can manage.

Until then I have decided to enjoy my last few weeks in the city as much as I could. Though I did have to keep  working I was fortunate to get two days off on my last week. The previous week I managed to catch up with some friends from the farm over lunch in the city. They are both working in offices looking very professional and different from the farm girls I knew in Manjimup. It was lovely to catch up and hear their news and plans. Both would like to stay and though only one looks like getting sponsorship the other was being positive and talking about the other places she and her partner could go on the working visa. Fortunately from them they are young enough that they can take time exploring their options though of course I have my fingers crossed that something will turn up here for them both since they seem to love Perth so much.

My days off during my last week were for once not spent being entirely lazy. On the Monday I did have a lie in before myself and Jonathan’s sister headed out to the aquarium at the local marina. It was fun and though not as large or as impressive as the Sydney aquarium I still enjoyed seeing the different fish, especially as I’ve being playing a silly aquarium game on my iTouch which meant I could see the fish I had been ‘buying’ in real life. Afterwards we wandered over the commercial side of the marina and had sushi for lunch. I’m not sure if that was a little insensitive or not but it was certainly tasty. I will miss that sushi place when I leave.  The day only got better as Jonathan’s sister made steak pie for dinner and it was extremely delicious. On Tuesday we had another lie in before heading in to Freo for a late lunch and wander round with some friends. I took my camera on both outings and it was fun to see what I could do with it in the different settings. My two days off were finished off nicely with a tapas dinner in the city centre. This was another voucher attempt and this time it was tapas in a small bar accompanied by some wine for the others and diet coke for me as I am still on my not drinking kick and therefore volunteered to drive. The food was good and though there wasn’t much of it what was there was surprisingly filling, though we did stop off at McDonalds on the way home to get some desert.  I must say it was a very nice way to finish off my last official days off whilst still employed.

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