Friday, 26 December 2014


Finally I success! After applying online and in person to many places looking for staff I happened to ask a local bakery/cafe if they were looking. They were near the hostel and I had been in a few times for their lovely pastries and hot chocolate. The friendly staff said they might be looking for part time staff and to hand in my CV. The next day I took in the last copy of my CV and chatted with the supervisor whilst buying yet another pastry. I could tell even then that getting work there could prove dangerous. Before long I got a call and after a few questions about my experience and how long I could and wanted to stay in Wellington for I was asked to come in for a trial. It's conceited I know but I was pretty sure once I could show them I was capable I'd be employed. I'd been in the place as a customer and liked the vibe so the only problem would be if they didn't like me as a person. Now I know it's hard to believe but this does occasionally happen, my supervisor in Broome never did warm to me! Anyway I was hopeful and it turns out rightly so. After a “this is how things work now get on with it” style trial I was asked to start the following Saturday. It was stressed that it was part time work and I was happy with that as I had my temp work to supplement my earning from the bakery. Life in Wellington was looking up.

Not only had I found a work I was by this time living in a long term hostel which was actually a hotel. That meant that whilst I was still living in dorms the bathrooms looked quite swish and there was a bar/bistro attached. The staff were much friendlier and helpful than the YHA staff and I soon felt at home. The other guest seemed a little cliquish at first but once I made the effort to chat them they soon became friendly enough, especially once it became clear I would be staying around for a while. 

The six bed mixed dorm wasn't ideal but I thought I could live with it for the six weeks I was staying before moving to a four bed on my return from the UK. Oh yeah, no sooner had I arrived in Wellington than one of my oldest and closest friends announced her wedding date, almost exactly two months to the day from my arrival in New Zealand. I hadn’t planned on heading home quite so soon but this was one occasion I knew I had to make an effort for. All I had to do was work out the details.....

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