Monday, 23 July 2012

Back to Work

Well I’ve been here for a whole month now and all of a sudden I feel more like I’m back in the UK. Two weeks in Perth drained my bank account more than I had planned so since the temp agencies weren’t getting back to me with shifts I got myself an actual job. Three months waitressing and my barista course paid off and I was offered not one but two jobs on the same day. Though one was closer I accepted the offer for one further away on the basis that they could offer me more hours straight away and I would get a chance to waitress, make coffee and work on the bar. I can’t say where it is even though most people wouldn’t recognise the name as they make all their employees sign a confidentiality and code of conduct agreement with an online clause in there. I guess it’s not good for business if people moan about work online so it makes sense so from now on it shall merely be referred to as “The Restaurant”.

The other big decision in my life recently has been to change my New Zealand visa from a 23 month application to a 12 month one. However within hours of making this decision it felt wrong so I decided to go ahead with the medical and apply for the 23 month one after all. I started work 3 weeks after arriving back in Perth and had two days off. My first was spent learning the menu and a visiting another franchise of The Restaurant to see how it feels to be on the other side of the menu. My second day off was spent getting a 2 hour medical for my NZ visa application and watching Dr Who.

My days in work were spent learning as I went. I had 4 hours intensive training on a computer then they put me on the floor to learn the layout and run food and drink. I also got a chance to try my hand at the bar before they let me loose on the customers.  The work is hard and they’ve thrown me in at the deep end but I’m loving it. It’s good to be working again and I’m looking forward to getting paid and seeing my bank balance go in the other direction. I’m also looking forward to putting my newly learned coffee making skills to the test during a few of the quieter shifts. With any luck by the time I’m done I’ll not only be an experienced waitress but also Aussie bar tender and barista and extremely employable in my future travels.

It’s not all work, I managed to fit in a quick hot chocolate with a friend between one of my split shifts and I’m off to see the new Batman film later today.  Also as I have a few late starts I’ll have a few days to myself so I’ve arranged to meet a friend for lunch on one of them and am looking forward to chilling out on the others, not to mention planning where I can go with all the money that I’m making now once I’m ready to leave Perth.

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