Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Franz Josef Skydive - Feb '15

The sun was blazing when we arrived in Franz Josef and it looked beautiful. We were so early we couldn’t book into our hostel but we could leave our car and get rid of some unnecessary layers. Big brother suggested we go straight to the skydive office in case there was anything we needed to know or bring that we didn’t have on us. There wasn’t but they did say we could fill in the paper work. Whilst we were busy remembering difficult things like our names and dates of birth the lovely Scottish lady in the office checked and told us we could jump right then instead of later if we wanted to, which of course we did. We debated on different photo packages with me going for everything and the others settling for the next package down. Now one of the things I love about my first skydive is that I have it all caught on camera so on arrival at the drop zone I suggested to sister-in-law that she should have the full package and I’d be happy with just the photos and free fall video. After some convincing she agreed and I am so glad she did. I was excited but I don’t think anything and compare to your first jump. I’m pretty sure I looked just like her on the day I jumped at Taupo. The plane at Franz Josef was smaller than the one used at Taupo and the three of us with our tandem masters and camera men all just about fitted in. It was fun on the way up to see the excitement build and the views were stunning. I thought I’d get nervous since we were jumping from higher up but I was simply excited that soon I’d be falling through the air again. Sister-in-law got to go first and it was something seeing someone disappear out of sight as they fell from the open door. Then big brother went then it was my turn. Ninety seconds of free fall and I can’t begin to explain the feeling though I’m sure once again I did scream rather a lot. I really hope those guys wear earplugs. It was amazing and this time I managed to clear my ears so no pain, woo! Post free fall the gliding wasn’t as much fun as the first time as I had difficulty understanding my tandem master which I am sure didn’t help, Mainly we practiced me lifting my legs and this time I landed on my bum, which was a little disappointing but in the scheme of things, well I’d just jumped out of a plane at 19,000ft!!! I think I can live with a bum landing. I even managed to get up in time to gatecrash the end of sister-in-laws video.

Post jump we had to wait for the next load before getting a ride in to town so we got some cups  of tea and gave the new camera a work out whilst we waited. It seemed like it took the other guys a lot longer than it had taken us but I’m sure that was more to due with the adrenaline still running through my system than actual real time. Eventually they landed and it was time to head to our hostel to check in. We were in a 6 person dorm with three beds already occupied so once again I was in the dreaded top bunk, which actually I have come not to mind. I think as long as the ceiling isn’t too low I’m good up there these days. I must be chilling out in my old age. Big brother had asked our bus driver on the way back to town about the best places to eat and I checked out trip advisor. I was in the mood for curry and big brother assured us the first place we tried was a fusion place but I still say he got it mixed up with the place we actually went to as there wasn’t much curry on the menu of the first place. The important thing is that I did get my curry and it was delicious. The wine that went with it wasn’t bad either though we decided to find a pub on the way home for the second glass which proved harder than you’d think. The bars seemed to fall in to two categories: young backpacker or family friendly and we wanted something in between. In the end we settled on a bigger backpacker pub which had outdoor seating but with the all important outdoor heating as well and it wasn’t half bad.

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