Monday, 22 June 2015

Wellington Stopover - Feb '15

Having accomplished our goal of completing the Tongiriro Crossing on our first day in Taupo we decided to head back to Wellington the next day so my family could meet my friends. We arranged to meet them for dinner and headed off after a leisurely. We decided to take a detour to Mt Ruapehu and have lunch at the highest cafe in New Zealand. We did contemplate doing one of the shorter walks but fortunately sister-in-law noticed the time and we realised we would already be pushed for time if we wanted to get back to Wellington in time for dinner. It was a long but pleasant drive but we were indeed late in to the city. I dropped the family off at their motel and updated my friends only to be told the place we planned to meet was full. We had tried to reserve but they don’t take them. Finally later than planned and at a different place we all met up. It’s a rare occasion that I have so many important people in one place so I enjoyed the brief experience of being surrounded by friends and family. Of course for my friends it was a work night so they soon headed off, we however were on holiday. Despite a hectic work life I have managed to ind a few good pubs in Wellington and so we finished our evening with a few drinks in a nearby bar before heading home.

The flowing day I was up and getting the washing started and to return our rental car. Since our ferry wasn’t due to leave until after 2pm the others took the time to explore without the worry of lost luggage. I on the other hand got on with the more mundane afore mentioned washing as well as going hunting for a spare camera battery. I had just about managed the Tongariro Crossing on one battery but knew I’d need a spare for all the spectacular scenery on the South Island. There is a lot to be said for internet shopping but sometimes you can’t beat a store. I had bought my camera from a store I had visited many times. I had spoken with the staff there on numerous occasions and was happy to spend my money there when purchasing my new camera. At no point did I regret not going online to look for a cheaper deal. I therefore made the same store my first stop when looking for a spare battery. They didn;t have any and informed me that I would be unlikely to find one anywhere. They did have some due in later in the week but that was no good to me. This is when I really learned the value of buying in person. The guy serving me remembered me, (well he had sold me a rather expensive camera) and sold me a battery from another camera. Now that is good customer service, good salesmanship and being a good person all in one. Having made my day I was soon back to the washing and waiting for the others to return for their exploring. On their return we were off to the ferry and it felt like my holiday was well and truly underway.

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