Sunday, 28 June 2015

Timaru & Foos - Feb '15

After Queenstown we headed to our next stop over town, Timaru. We stayed at a lovely B&B run by a a very nice lady who as well as recommending a few places to eat told us we could see penguins in the evening down by the shore. It was too early to eat so we explored the town which was turned out to be a pleasant change from our previous stops. As lovely as Taupo, Franz Josef, Milford Sound and Queenstown it is obvious in all of them that their main trade is tourism where as Timaru felt like a normal town. The landlady's recommendation for dinner was spot on. As well as good food we were able to sit outside and enjoy the last of the days sun. As much as we would have like to see the penguins after dinner our last few days caught up with us and it was to be an early night. After all the next day we had the Foo Fighters to look forward to!

We only had one night in Christchurch. We were there for one reason and one reason only, to see the Foo Fighters on their first night of their world tour. We had originally planned to do a loop of the island but everything was re-arranged on the announcement that the Foos would be playing in Christchurch right in the middle of big brother and sister in laws visit. It was 100% worth it. We got to the gig early and enjoyed the support groups as well as buying the must have gig t-shirt. By the time the Foos came on we were at the front of the walk way from the main stage. I could only see the band clearly if I jumped up and down a lot but since I would be doing that anyway it wasn’t a problem and it was worth it. During the gig the band moved from the main stage to the centre of the walk way to the end and I was the closest I have ever been to the amazing Dave Grohl when they played in the centre of it. Safe to say it was bloody brilliant.

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