Saturday, 27 April 2013

Back in Sunny Scotland

Well the flight home was uneventful which is as much as I ever hope for in a flight. I read watched movies and even managed to sleep for a good 6 hours or so. The sleep meant that on arrival at Glasgow airport I was not the poor exhausted traveller expected but rather an admittedly crumpled but awake and surprisingly articulate traveller eager to talk about her travels. My priority was to get clean. I have been in the same clothes for almost forty hours and sitting in confined spaces for most of that. After the blissful shower and wrapping myself up it was on to the phone to speak to my parents and reassure them that I hadn’t missed either of my planes. Though sentences and word were sometimes difficult I nether the less managed to stay awake until a decent bed time and surprisingly beat the jetlag. I do like my new talent of being able to sleep on planes I feel it will come in very useful from now one.

My first day back in the UK and mostly I felt cold, it was so so very cold! The worst thing was everyone kept telling me it was warming up. It was amazingly good to see everyone but oh did I miss the tropical heat of Northern Queensland. My first four days in the UK were spent dining out mostly. My parents came down with some warmer clothes (thank goodness!) and we caught up over some wine and dinner at their hotel. This was followed by a day of shopping unsuccessfully for a dress but successfully for a new phone and a Pandora bracelet of my own. Now at least for a few tears my family would be able to send me a small present on birthdays and at Christmas that they could be sure I would have room for. Not to mention that the charm s are really cute and some of them quite pretty. Of curse after trying on all those dresses unsuccessfully wine was required, thankfully my dad was soon on hand to oblige before it was back to the hotel to meet with my brother and his fiancée for yet more wine and of course dinner. It was an interesting evening with the talk going between wedding stuff and Australia and diving stuff. Apparently they had gathered from a few of my facebook posts that I was slightly taken with the whole diving malarkey but that didn’t stop me telling them in person how fabulous an experience it is.

Since the dress shopping had been unsuccessful I convinced my brother’s fiancée to meet me for lunch and look at a few possibilities. Lunch was a success, I hadn’t had tapas in years and the food was lovely. Dress shopping was once more a failure as we only found one of the dresses I liked though it was my preferred option and it was given the bride-to-be’s stamp of approval.  Thankfully that was it for the dress for the time being and I was in definite need of an afternoon nap since in the evening both mine and Jonathan’s family were meeting for dinner to belatedly celebrate my 31st birthday. Dinner itself was a quiet but tasty affair followed by a quiet drink in a nearby pub. For me I enjoyed spending time with both my families thought the music in the restaurant made conversation a little difficult. Due to the number of us we had been unable to secure an earlier reservation so by the time we got to the pub it was late and one drink was enough. I wouldn’t have even had bothered but I had said I would go and felt I should though I think if I had been thinking clearly I wouldn’t have bothered as none of the people from my previous life were able to make it anyway.  Thankfully we were all happy to leave quickly and I returned home with my brother and his fiancée to drink their alcohol and watch some daft but highly entertaining films. I even managed to borrow some really comfy warm clothes which made my evening complete.

Finally the time had come to be lazy! I had to pack my bag for my parents to take north but apart from that my only task for the day was to watch as much criminal minds as possible. I did have t get dresses in the evening as my brother had offered to cook for me but the rest of the day was spent occupying my in-laws couch. I seriously cannot remember the last time I ate so well and this night was to be no different. The food and company were both lovely and whilst I was glad to catch up I didn’t stay too long as I was aware that both were working the next day.

Another lazy day followed though this time I did actually get dressed for most of it. More criminal minds and many cups of tea was the order of the day followed by a family meal and an earlyish night as I had an early start the nest day. Yup I was on the move again this time to Swansea in Wales, and I was worried the UK might be boring!

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