Tuesday, 21 April 2015

April 2014: Making Plans....

After an emotional March I was looking forward to an uneventful April. Thankfully that’s what I got, of course uneventful generally leads to boredom which leads to the ol’ wanderlust kicking in..... Fortunately for me my current supervisor was turning out to be extremely capable so as well as planning a week off in July when my Aussie friend was visiting I also managed to wrangle 4 days off in May for a mini adventure. The theory was that this would make me stop planning a long term escape whilst I waited for my UK police certificate. My efforts to not run away were helped by my laptop keyboard breaking down. As it was still under warranty I knew that I would have to send it off to be repaired but as always I was reluctant as there was so much I needed to do on it. Eventually though I gave in and sent it off. Turns out that there is only so long you can live without an enter key. So off it went and then all I could do was wait impatiently for its return.

Being without my laptop did have some benefits. I dug out my neglected kindle and made some serious headway through the Raymond E Feist Sagas. As fantastic as these books are they do require a lot of concentration as they really are sagas, which is the reason I came to be slightly traumatised by one Veronica Roth. If you don’t know who she is then I urge you to never ever read her divergent trilogy. She is a brilliant writer who made me care about her characters, a lot. What she did at the end of the third book actually traumatised me for weeks. I cared so much I found the ending very difficult especially as it was a little close to home. I understand that as an author she has to stay true to her vision but I can honestly say I will never read another one of her books. I read books like that for light relief. Emotional turmoil is what my sagas are for thank you very much! Next time I shall just re-read the hunger games, or download the entire Discworld series. which has the advantage of making me think without causing any long term trauma, thank you very much Sir Terry.

After recovering from the Divergent/Allegiant trauma I visited the library and did some research the old fashioned way. I decided to use my 4 day break to visit Taupo  where I could attempt the famous Tongariro Crossing and finally try my first skydive and bungy jump. I also visited the tourist information and got leaflets for both Taupo and various places my friend might like to go on her visit. I had forgotten that travel research could be so much fun. I even managed to squeeze in a few photography books in the hopes that it would inspire me to take my camera out more. It didn’t convince me to take my camera out in Wellington but it did inspire me to make sure my camera was well prepared for the following months mini adventure.

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