Saturday, 11 April 2015

February 2014: This Normal Life Thing Isn't Half Bad

The first month of 2014 flew buy in a haze of rosters, work, rosters, stress and more rosters so by the time the 7s rolled round I was ready for my weekend off. A bit of background here, a few months previously a friend had asked if I wanted to go giving the impression that this was some big fun rugby match that would happen in the afternoon so even if I couldn’t get it off I’d be fine to go after work. Oh the foolishness of the foreign, it out that the 7s is a major party weekend in Wellington and I’d need that Saturday off to enjoy it plus the Sunday off to recover! Fortunately my boss appreciated all my hard work and gave me the weekend off so I could fully enjoy the festivities with my friends. I am so grateful that she did as I had the best time. I started my weekend off with some celebratory wine then the next day we got dressed up, headed to the stadium and drank yet more wine whilst watching some brilliant (and not so brilliant) rugby. The weather wasn’t great so I was grateful we were in a box but we did head down to the pitch for the final games and I made sure I was in the Scotland section for at least one of our games. After the rugby it was on to the pubs and clubs and a fun night of silliness and dancing with other dressed up people. It was a brilliant night but I was so very glad to be off the following day as I paid dearly for my fun. I’ll say this though, it was worth it.

The rest of the month work kept me busy but not so busy that I couldn’t enjoy something of a social life. Two of my friends left Wellington which was very sad. One was the first person I spoke to at the Cambridge and one of my favourite go to people for a good hug. She was heading home back to a normal life and I knew I would miss her and our coffee dates but at least I had yet another reason to visit Ireland when I finally made it back to the UK! The other was heading back to Australia then home to the UK. She was my go to ice-cream date friend but she did leave me a table and an iPod dock to remember her by which were muchly appreciated. My room was starting to look like someone actually lived there and the iPod dock was turned out to be very useful week following her departure when it was my birthday.

For my first NZ birthday I finally got round to organising a BBQ at my flat and invited the few people I knew left in Wellington. This was mostly my friends still at the Cambridge but also included a Danish friend I’d made in Australia who had coincidentally got herself a job in one of our other stores and was therefore now living in Wellington. It was a quiet affair as I held it midweek to suit my days off (well it was my birthday!) but I was grateful that my friends made the effort to come and celebrate with me and it was a nice way to celebrate surviving another year. Who knows I may yet turn in to a ‘birthday’ person after all. I also managed to fit in a salsa session with my Danish friend and a trip to a local theatre to see a play written and performed by my flatmate's sister and her friends. Even though I missed some of the native references I was still in stitches for most of the night. I can honestly say they are very talented not only to perform but to write such a laugh out loud funny show. I think it is safe to say that life in one place was starting to feel like a pretty good decision.

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