Monday, 6 July 2015

And Now The End Is Near

After 5 days off work and two crazy ceroc filled days Sunday morning came as something of a rude shock. I was back at work and there was plenty to do. Not that it mattered much to me if we were quiet or busy since I was on a closing shift so I knew I’d be there until 17:30 no matter what. It was a bit of a struggle but the high I was on from the previous day carried me through. Well that and numerous cups of coffee. I will forever be grateful to the friend who introduced me to the soy mocha. I know that it’s not proper coffee but I’m sure without it the last year and a half would not have gone half as well and that shift in particular certainly wouldn’t have. I would like to report that I was sensible and had an early night but I was still excited and couldn’t wait to tell my mum all about my weekend so instead had a very long skype home in which my mum got all of three words in I think.

Thankfully the next day I was at a different store which turned out to be very quiet so they allowed me to go home early and have a much needed nap. Tuesday at work was much the same to my relief. I had my final Spanish class and the weather was very much stay inside and hide type of weather. Post nap I was tempted to give it a miss but I realised just in time how much I would regret not going. I really struggle with languages and I know that a lot of what I have learnt over the last two months will not stay with me but I do think it will make it easier the next time I learn.  Also I still hope that one day I might get a chance to go live in a Spanish speaking place where my only option is to learn. If that day does come I am sure the basics I have learnt in my class will be very helpful!

Spanish completed I had three work days and three ceroc nights left. Work was work but ceroc was brilliant. I made sure to tell all my favourite dancers that I was leaving and that they had to dance with me so I could get as many excellent dances in as possible before I left. They didn’t let me down, I was dipped and spun, and spun and dipped and occasionally even picked up. If their aim was to make me regret leaving them all behind they succeeded and then some. Even when I thought I was too tired to dance anymore they managed to make it fun and keep me on my toes.

Saturday morning was bliss. I slept until after the sun came up and refused to get out of bed until after noon. One of my closest friends had booked high tea for us at 3pm so I thought 3 hours would be just about enough time to sort myself out. High tea was lovely and almost straight away we decided that we would have to repeat the experience in Darwin when we met up in August. It was lovely to spend some one on one time with my friend. She is one of the people I will miss the most and I am already looking forward to seeing her in Australia for our NT road trip.

Saturday night was meant to be a work leaving drinks thing with some ceroc friends invited along in case they wanted to say goodbye again. I’ve no idea what happened to my work people but in the end it was an impromptu ceroc night which included a group of us taking over the dance floor in a local bar. Now I’m usually pretty strict about not drinking and dancing so I am very proud that after numerous glasses of wine I managed to not fall over and even pulled off a few decent moves. So my drinking night turned into another dancing night and I honestly couldn’t have thought of a better way to say goodbye to Wellington.

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