Sunday, 5 July 2015

May 2015 - When I Ticked Some Boxes....

During April there had been the odd mention of a ceroc event in June and much encouragement for all levels to enter. This is something an advanced dancer had suggested I do and I thought that it was part of our usual banter. You have to understand as well as the fun of dancing with this guy the banter is the other reason I loved to grab a dance with him whenever I could. This would be why I didn’t take his suggestion at all seriously, at first.  However some clever people had put together a beginners routine and were looking for volunteers so I though why not go along and see what they’ve done. Well from that moment on I was in. The routine looked great and I thought that it would be easier and less scary to dance something if I knew what I was meant to be doing. If you are laughing then I know you’ve tried this before. If you are agreeing with me you too are in for a shock. So I paid my registration fee and since I was there I ticked a few boxes and entered a few other beginner events too. So started two months of twice weekly practices where I forgot the moves, lost the timing and desperately (and unsuccessfully) tried to stop my hands from drooping. Despite all this I had the best time and met some amazing people.

As if learning a routine wasn’t enough extra dancing I managed to squeeze in a ball as well. During my university years I attended many balls and did a lot of ceilidhing. I have many happy memories being swung around various dance floors, often in my bare feet. So when I found out about the Viking ball being held in Wellington where there would be both ceilidh dancing and ceroc I knew I had to go. With very little effort I convinced my dancing friend to go along with me and it was everything I was expecting and more. The ceilidh dancing was as fun as I remembered and I had some fabulous ceroc dances in between them. It was different than my uni days for sure but it fitted right in with my current life and love of all things dance not to mention good food!

Back home May meant election time and I was rather put out to discover that yet again I wasn’t eligible to vote. I was under the impression I had sorted out my proxy vote and that I was all good to go but discovered too late that despite the multitude of paperwork previously filled out it seemed not to apply to the general election. Those of you who know me may remember my outrage at not being ale to vote in the Independence Referendum so you can imagine how not amused I was this time round too. I did try register but it was too little too late. Back home the SNP took over Scotland leaving the Tories to triumph in England and therefore still running the country. Let just say that I don’t think I’ll be moving back permanently any time soon.

Since I was dancing three to four times a week and since I started learning Spanish once a week on Tuesday nights I was quite busy when I wasn’t at work. This led to me finally admitting gym defeat and cancelling my membership. What I didn’t realise at the time was how much exercise I was getting between work and my dancing, I just knew I was happy and decided to go with it. Of course the fact that I would be leaving soon may have had something to do with this decision too. By the end of May as much as I was enjoying life in Welly I was starting to get excited as very soon I would be on the move once again; as the nice people from immigration kept reminding me when they emailed me to tell me my visa was about to expire. Thanks immigration, you make me feel so welcome :-P

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