Monday, 6 July 2015

Thoughts on Leaving Wellington

As my leaving date approached I found myself becoming increasingly conflicted. Usually I am all about the future and next adventure but this time I found myself ruminating on all I was leaving behind. When I left Cairns two years ago I didn’t think I was ready. I loved the diving and couldn’t imagine anything matching it. I left a sunny Australia for a cold, wet, windy Wellington and I wasn’t happy. I found myself ‘homesick’ for the hostel and the reef. Getting work took longer than anticipated and it took me a while to settle into Wellington life. I never conceived back then that this city would become another home. In the last two years I have met more amazing people some of whom have become my closest friends and even make up my New Zealand family. Whilst work was not always easy I’ve worked with some great staff and it is despite not because of them I came to realise management is not for me. I can’t say I’ll miss my job but I will miss the people. I will miss my room and my flatmates. And once again I will miss my new hobby.

When I bought a grab one for five ceroc classes little did I realise that within 6 months I would be completely hooked. Ceroc has brought a new and old joy back in to my life. The old love of dance I shared with Jonathan and the new joy of dancing with different people learning to adapt to their individual styles. Never in a million years would I have believed that I of all people with my anxiety, occasionally crippling shyness and fear of crowds would enter a dance competition yet I did. The large classes at ceroc made me more comfortable with other people and with myself. So much so that not only did I enter a competition, I danced my heart (oh ok and my nerves!) out and I placed second in a newcomer event. I still have a long way to go but once again I have found something else in life to love.

So of course I am sad to be leaving ceroc when I am feel like I am starting to get somewhere but then I remember that it is time to revisit one of my old loves. The ocean is calling and I think I’ve kept it waiting long enough.

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