Monday, 11 May 2015

August 2014

After all the excitement of the last few months you might think I’d welcome a quiet one but I soon found the humdrum life to be a bit much to be honest. Work was same old, my friends were away or busy and I started to question the wisdom of staying in one place. However as always my friends near and far were there to send me encouraging messages and keep me going, not to mention a rather special charm from my mum.

When all else failed I turned to planning my holiday with my brother and sister in law. I had a countdown app on my phone and we had a list of places to go and things to do. Life might have been quiet in August but at least I had the reassurance of knowing that it wouldn't last. One advantage of a quiet month was that my slightly neglected savings account got a much needed boost and of course planning on spending money is a great incentive to save it. In order to remind myself of this I did allow myself one indulgent purchase, I bought a globe charm for my bracelet to remind me why I was living life the way I was.

So in retrospect despite the fact that it was one of my harder months in Wellington it could have been a lot worse and in the end life went on. There was one other advantage to a quiet life, with less distractions I started writing my blog again. It seemed strange that it was so long ago yet here I am still playing catch up. Here’s hoping I am all caught up by the time I start the next adventure, I guess only time will tell.

Ah there was one thing of note that happened in August, remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Yes that old thing. I got nominated and whilst out for dinner with a friend I mentioned this plus the fact I didn't want to do it as I thought it was a waste of water. Well before dinner was finished I had agreed to go with her to the famous bucket fountain on Cuba street to help her with her challenge and being me I thought I would just do mine there to. Thanks for the idea hun, it was fun and a great memory to add to my happy Wellington collection. More importantly it made me aware of a deserving cause which I promptly donated money to. That would be research in to a cure for ALS aka Motor Neuron Disease in case you've all forgotten.

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