Sunday, 17 May 2015

September 2014 - I Took Some Photos

Looking back at my facebook posts (How else do you think I was remembering what I did more than two days ago?!) it is very clear to me that as the year progressed I was struggling a lot. Having said that life wasn’t all bad. September started off with an impromptu bingo night at a local pub where my friend and I had gone in search of burgers. We didn’t win the game but we won a couple of lines and got some free wine as a result. Of course back home the great independence debate was going on and my facebook was full of it but as I was not in the country and the referendum counted as a local vote I was unable to cast my vote. In the end the people decided we would stay together. To quote myself “Personally I am happy to be part of the UK but gutted that we missed out on a chance get rid of the broken political system that is Westminster. No matter I am still proud to be Scottish and I hope that we can all agree that we had our chance, we did our best and with any luck in 20 years the British political system will have improved or the next generation will do better!”

Whereas August was the month I started writing again September was the month I caught up with my photos. I uploaded a ton of them to FB and even managed to go for a walk one day to take some more.  So life in one place was wearing thin. There was too much work and not enough play. However life cannot always be fun and games in during my up times I had fun planning for my trip to the South Island the following year. As well as being a distraction it helped me to remember why I was working as hard as I was. In between the work and the planning I was delighted to see Dr Who return and rather took to the new Scottish Dr. In less happy news my laptop was playing up again so I spent a great deal of time installing updates in an effort to fix it. Thankfully the You Tube app on my phone was very useful at keeping me entertained which just goes to show I really should have been getting out more.


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