Monday, 4 May 2015

June 2014 – A Month of Birthdays

June was quiet a big month for me right from the start. My mum turned 60 (sorry mum!) and I may have gone a little overboard in sending her presents because I was sad that I couldn’t be with her. Right at the start of this blog before I’d even booked my first flight I realised I would be missing many birthdays and other occasions (A Ramble Ending in Thoughts on Occasions if you’re interested) but realising this and experiencing it are two very different things. As much as I love and miss all my family and friends I am unashamedly a mummies girl and I really wanted to be there but only if I could teleport, which I couldn’t. So I stayed put and sent presents and wrote a bad poem and let her know in every other way I could how much I loved and missed her and how happy I was that she had made it to 60 and could she pretty please keep on going.

Just over a week later and it was Josh’s birthday. Now him I can’t send presents to. Though I did send his family flowers it’s nothing like the same. Him I’ve already written bad poetry about, much more than I care to remember. So I did what I always do. I changed my profile photo and thought “God, we were so young”. I went to work and thought “God, I feel so old”. I spent time with my friends and though “Thank God I met these people” and as always when his birthday arrived I missed him and I grieved for all he never had and never got to do, then I was thankful for all I have and all I have yet to experience. And as always, life went on.

Josh and me when we were 18!
Life did indeed go on and the next big thing was my work visa being approved. Immigration decided that I could stay another year as long as I stayed put and ran the cafe for all of it. Despite my continual anxiety and crisis of confidence in my ability as a manager this was a deal I was willing to take, after all how bad could it be? Decision made that was it. I now officially lived and worked in Wellington, New Zealand. And work I did, a lot. Thankfully every hour spent at work meant more money on the bank which I put to excellent use at the end of the month when my Australian friend arrived. That’s right, less than 2 months since I returned from my mini break and soon I would be off again! Of course life is full of ups and downs and whilst I was celebrating the arrival of one friend I was sad to see another leave. One of my closest friends was leaving as her visa was up, the good news was that she was in the process of applying for a work visa similar to the one I had just been granted and so I was hopeful that she would be returning sooner rather than later.

To end the month the was one more important occasion, my dad also had a birthday but he was only 65 so all he got was a plant for his garden and some bubble wrap. Oh ok I may have sent a voucher as well but for anything more exciting he’ll just have to wait until he’s 70. Sorry dad, you’ll just have to keep going to get better presents.

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