Thursday, 28 May 2015

December 2014 – Dancing & Friends

Ceroc had brought up a lot of good memories and whilst it was difficult by the third class I managed to give freestyle a go and I was glad I had persevered. The taxi dancers were great at making sure the beginners got a few dances so we could practice our moves and with so much spinning it was hard to stay sad. In fact it went so well I decided to give one of the salsa socials a go and managed to enjoy that as well. I’m not sure I can convey the pride I felt in managing to find joy in dancing again and I have to confess I didn’t do this one on my own. The friend I took with me was extremely supportive. She dispensed hugs and encouraged me to stay when I would have left. Her love of our new hobby kept me going back when I was tempted to give up. It is in a large part thanks to her that I managed to enjoy and eventually fall in love with dancing again. I know that this is yet another friend that Josh would approve of and like anyway but for this I think he would love her a little too.

Despite the fact that work was crazy busy with loads of packing of Christmas products and the associate loads of customers coming in to buy them I managed to continue to spend quality time with my friends. Whilst weekend drinking with them was out I was discovering there are plenty of other ways to stay in touch with good friends. I managed to make it to the cinema to see the remake of Annie which I found thoroughly enjoyable. Whilst I had been looking forward to a repeat of last year’s mac ‘n’ cheese day my friends it seemed had different ideas. So the month was spent alternating between trying and refusing to compromise between them wanting to celebrate and me wanting to hibernate. Despite this disagreement about the day itself I didn’t go completely Scrooge on them... I happily agreed to a tequila xmas eve and a few days before took a friend to the show Empire which was similar to circ de soli. It was on a much smaller scale but still awe inspiring and humorous. It wasn’t cheap but it was worth every cent and the night was finished off beautifully by my friend announcing that her present to me was a local dive trip. I was starting to think that maybe this Christmas malarkey wasn’t too bad after all which is possibly how I ended up agreeing to host Christmas dinner at my flat. Scrooge?! Who’s that then??


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